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Your source for Customized routers for travel, home and small offices. Designed to work with your smartphone with and without apps. Provides firewall, security, storage and sharing.
Products: Ultimate Travel Router


Ultimate Travel Router


  • Provides firewall protection from security threats originating not only from the Internet but also from the VPN server!
  • Bypasses GeoIP restrictions and lets you access blocked sites and content
  • Instantaneous WAN and VPN access. Users can easily switch between VPN or the Internet any time
  • Universal VPN connectivity. Works with any VPN provider using standard VPN protocol
  • Supports all major VPN protocols i.e. OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP, Cisco IPSecure, IKEv2, L2TP/IPSecure, SSL and SSTP
  • Can be shipped preconfigured to work with our VPN servers or with the VPN provider of your choice. Additional charges apply
  • Can be preconfigured to work with our VPN Server Multiplexer Router for free VPN access

Wi-Fi Storage and Streaming

  • Just plug in USB flash drive and change them as needed
  • Supports multiple USB flash drives using our mini USB Hub
  • Can read/write SD card and micro SD card using our USB Card reader
  • No hard limit on storage. Maximum filesize is limited only by underlying Filesystem
  • Supports FAT, NTFS, SAMBA, EXT2, EXT3, EXT4, HFS, HFS+ (No ExFAT support)
  • Exceed 4GB file limit (without loosing performance) with EXT2 filesystem
  • Video Streaming via browser and HTML5 (No special app, file downloading or internet required)
  • Reverse Video streaming i.e. from phone's camera to USB using HTML5 (or AVR Android app)
  • Capable of streaming HD videos upto 1080p with video bit rates upto 16Mbps smoothly over Wi-Fi
  • Possible to stream even higher quality videos using USB cable( may require external power source depending on smartphone)
  • Never lose Internet connectivity when streaming videos with our router unlike with other routers
  • Comparison with Wi-Fi HD

    FeatureWi-Fi HDTravel Router
    Wi-Fi Modesb/g/nb/g/n
    SD CardIn some modelsYes with card reader
    MagnetHighly VulnerableImmune
    ShockHighly Vulnerable*Highly Immune
    Smart Phone ConnectionWi-fiWi-Fi, Portable Hotspot, USB tethering
    File Sharing via Wi-FiShare the whole driveShare selected files only
    File Sharing via common HotspotNOYES
    File Sharing via InternetPort forwardingPort forwarding, Direct WAN, Port forward over VPN
    Automatic Smart Phone BackupLimitedYes with SMB client APP
    Differential BackupYESYES
    Continue interrupted transferNOYES
    Movie StreamingYESYES
    Reverse Streaming (Phone Camera to Storage)NOYES (HTML5 and with our Android AVR App)
    Take pictures (Phone to Storage)NOYES (HTML5 and with our Android AVR App)
    *Data is stored on USB flash drive and stays safe, unless physically crushed

File Sharing over Hotspot, Wi-Fi and Internet

  • Universal file sharing via common hotspot, router's Wi-Fi or even the Internet (Public IPv4 required)
  • Zero copy file sharing i.e. files are not copied, just shared via shortcuts and so immediately available for downloading even on the internet
  • No special application required. Use any compatible browser!
  • Others can browse shared pictures, videos and mp3 files using our easy-to-use HTML slide show control
  • Only files that you share are visible
  • Share entire folders
  • Others are can upload files to the shared folder if enable uploading
  • Can enable password protection on file sharing
  • Transfer files to USB flash drive from your cell phone using Wi-Fi, portable hotspot or USB cable
  • Supports HTTP, Samba and FTP for file uploads and downloads
  • USB flash drive with full control can be shared with others using special non - admin NAS password
  • Possible to share files directly from your smartphone without copying to USB flash drive with SMB Server app on the phone and our router
  • Share files over internet if the router is assigned a public IPv4 address directly or via port forwarding
  • Share files over internet by combining our portable router and VPN Server Multiplexer by borrowing public IPv4 address from the VPN Server router

Router highlights

  • Portable, multifunctional , powerful yet simple to configure and easy to set up and use
  • Small size, light weight and battery powered with 4-5 hours of operation time
  • Works with all major cell phones including iPhone, Android and Windows Phone
  • Can function as an independent router or behind another router
  • Can also function as a signal booster
  • Converts cable to Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi to cable, Wi-Fi to Wi-fi, USB tethering to Wi-fi and cable
  • Station mode auto scans for known hotspots without locking out access point indefinitely
  • 3G/4G internet access via external modem, smartphone's portable hotspot and smartphone's USB tethering

Hardware Upgrade

Our current portable travel router hardware is based on TPLINK MR11U or MR3040 which may change in the future. The stock hardware of these routers neither has enough RAM nor enough flash storage to run our customized firmware. We upgrade each unit manually to increase the RAM and the Flash. We also over-clock the stock router to make it faster without it losing stability. Here are some comparison numbers:
    Feature Stock MR11U/MR3040 Custom Router CR11U-16
    RAM 32MB 64MB
    Flash 4MB 16MB
    CPU Clock 400Mhz 462.5Mhz
    DDR 400Mhz 462.5Mhz
    AHB 200Mhz 231.25Mhz
    BogoMIPS 266.24 307.20

  • Upgraded router is 15% faster than stock router
  • Upgraded router has twice the RAM
  • Upgraded router has 4 times the Flash storage