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Your source for Customized routers for travel, home and small offices. Designed to work with your smartphone with and without apps. Provides firewall, security, storage and sharing.
Products VPN Server And Multiplexer Router
Simply create user/password and VPN server (IKEv2, Cisco IPSecure, L2TP/IPSecure, OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP) is ready. Certificate download is required for IKEv2 and OpenVPN, simply press respective button. PSK is predefined as "customrouter" and can be changed.


VPN Server And Multiplexer Router

VPN Server highlights

  • Run your own private and secure VPN server at home/ office and save the yearly VPN subscription fees (Public IPv4 address required)
  • Transfer files from and on the router over the internet using VPN security that can not be monitored because it's point to point encryption between your device and your router
  • Convert any unsecure public hotspot connection into a fully secured and encrypted connection
  • Encrypt your 3G/4G data by connecting to the router
  • Connect to your home or office from any public Wi-Fi, such as a hotel or cafe and access the entire network securely using VPN encryption
  • Access your router from overseas and bypass all GeoIP restrictions without paying any VPN subscription fees
  • You will not be marked as using a proxy or VPN by any website since your are connected to a residential or office internet via the VPN server router. Sites like Hulu, Netflix and online banking sites etc will not detect that you are using a proxy
  • Works will all major operating systems: Windows XP and higher, MAC, Linux, IOS and Android
  • If you wish to use a VPN service for anonymous internet access, we can still save you money by letting you share a single VPN account when you are at home or away
  • VPN server multiplexer will let you multiplex the VPN connection even when you connect via 3G/4G or public Wi-Fi, such as a hotel or a cafe. For the price of one account you can be anonymous on multiple devices!
  • Is someone hacking your Internet-enabled security cameras? VPN server multiplexer router can stop these hackers from entering into your network by restricting access to security cameras via secure VPN instead of unsecure port forwarding.


  • Provides firewall protection from security threats originating not only from the Internet but also from the VPN server!
  • Bypasses GeoIP restrictions and lets you access blocked sites and content
  • Designed to provide ISP and VPN access simultaneously. Stream your local Netflix service via ISP and use your VPN like you normally do.
  • Supports all major VPN protocols i.e. OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP, Cisco IPSecure, IKEv2, L2TP/IPSecure, SSL and SSTP
  • Can be shipped preconfigured to work with our VPN servers or with the VPN provider of your choice. Additional charges apply
  • Can be preconfigured to work with our VPN Server Multiplexer Router for free VPN access
  • You are connected to your VPN provider 24x7 and so VPN is readily accessible any time you want it
  • Manage multiple VPN servers, ping and sort tools to find the best server easily
  • Smart mode automatically unblocks GeoIP restricted sites and at the same time provides full speed access to domestic internet
  • Smart mode can utilize dual IP addresses automatically. This works best when you want bypass GeoIP restrictions. It protects from getting GeoIP restricted in the country where the VPN server is and at the same time prevent GeoIP restriction for domestic website by utilizing dual IP addresses automatically
  • VPN-only mode keeps you anonymous at all times. If VPN gets disconnected while surfing, you will be blocked until VPN is reconnected and so your real IP is never exposed
  • No per device VPN setup required. All devices using the router can use ISP or VPN
  • Configure individual network switch to use ISP or VPN
  • URL routing to route individual urls via ISP or VPN
  • Suitable for home or small offices

Internet Storage

  • Download and upload files securely and privately on and from your router from any where using the internet
  • Our HTML5 application does automatic retries to ensure your data is uploaded without having you to retry manually
  • You can even securely transfer files using Samba and FTP to our router, any computer and NAS that you may have at home or office
  • HTTP, FTP and SMB are secured by our router since they all function behind the firewall and accessible only using VPN

Wi-Fi Storage and Streaming

  • Just plug in USB flash drive and change them as needed
  • Supports multiple USB flash drives using our mini USB Hub
  • Can read/write SD card and micro SD card using our USB Card reader
  • No hard limit on storage. Maximum filesize is limited only by underlying Filesystem
  • Supports FAT, NTFS, SAMBA, EXT2, EXT3, EXT4, HFS, HFS+ (No ExFAT support)
  • Exceed 4GB file limit (without loosing performance) with EXT2 filesystem
  • Video Streaming via browser and HTML5 (No special app, file downloading or internet required)
  • Reverse Video streaming i.e. from phone's camera to USB using HTML5 (or AVR Android app)
  • Capable of streaming HD videos upto 1080p with video bit rates upto 16Mbps smoothly over Wi-Fi
  • Possible to stream even higher quality videos using USB cable( may require external power source depending on smartphone)
  • Never lose internet connectivity when streaming videos with our router unlike with other routers

File Sharing over Hotspot, Wi-Fi and Internet

  • Universal file sharing via common hotspot, router's Wi-Fi or even the Internet (Public IPv4 required)
  • Zero copy file sharing i.e. files are not copied, just shared via shortcuts and so immediately available for downloading even on the internet
  • No special application required. Use any compatible browser!
  • Others can browse shared pictures, videos and mp3 files using our easy-to-use HTML slide show control
  • Only files that you share are visible
  • Share entire folders
  • Others are can upload files to the shared folder if enable uploading
  • Can enable password protection on file sharing
  • Transfer files to USB flash drive from your cell phone using Wi-Fi, portable hotspot or USB cable
  • Supports HTTP, Samba and FTP for file uploads and downloads
  • USB flash drive with full control can be shared with others using special non - admin NAS password
  • Possible to share files directly from your smartphone without copying to USB flash drive with SMB Server app on the phone and our router
  • Share files over internet if the router is assigned a public IPv4 address directly or via port forwarding
  • Share files over internet by combining our portable router and VPN Server Multiplexer by borrowing public IPv4 address from the VPN Server router

Router highlights

  • Easy to set up and use
  • Can function as an independent router or behind another router
  • Can also function as a signal booster
  • Converts cable to Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi to cable, Wi-Fi to Wi-fi, USB tethering to Wi-fi and cable
  • Router, Signal booster, cable to Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi to cable, Wi-Fi to Wi-Fi, USB tethering to Wi-Fi and cable
  • 3G/4G internet access via external modem, smartphone's portable hotspot and smartphone's USB tethering

Hardware specs of base router

    Feature Custom Router SOHO-1
    RAM 128MB
    Flash 16MB
    CPU Clock 580Mhz
    BogoMIPS 385.84
    LAN 4 x 100Mbps
    Wi-Fi Up to 300 Mbps
    Wi-Fi Mode b/g/n
    USB 1 x 2.0
    SD Card Yes

    Other hardware models are availabe but may vary depending upon your region. Please contact us for details and pricing.