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Products SMB Backup


PC-free and Cable-free Smart Phone Backup


  • Any device that has SMB Server can be set up for automatic or one-touch backup
  • We provide SMB APP for Android. A similar third party app is required for iPhone and Windows Phone
  • One time setup required so router can learn the IP address and other credentials of the SMB share
  • Once the SMB share is mapped successfully, user can set it to automatic backup mode
  • The router will connect automatically to the SMB share each time when
    • The router is started
    • The device and the router both join a common hotspot e.g. your primary router
    • The device joins the router's Wi-Fi or LAN using cable
    • The router connects to the device's portable hotspot
    • The router connects to the device via USB cable with USB tethering enabled from the device
  • Make backup simply by turning on the portable router or walking in to your home within the range of home router's Wi-Fi