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Audio Video Recorder

HTML5 audio/video recording and snap shot picture works with any HTML5 compatible browser be it iPhone, Windows Phone or Android Phone. AVR is an Android specific application written to transparently take pictures, record audio and video directly on USB flash drive over Wi-Fi or SD card. It comes with a built-in Universal File Browser that lets you seemlessly browse through pictures, audio and video files whether they are stored on SD card or Wi-Fi Storage.


  • AVR is written for Android 2.3.6 and higher versions only
  • Can take pictures and directly store them on USB flash drives on the router bypassing SD card or on both media simultaneously
  • Can record video and audio in real time and store them on USB flash drive bypassing SD card or on both media simultaneously
  • Real time video/audio recording works with Android version prior to 6. Versions 6 and higher have purposely blocked it (which could possibly be unblocked if more and more users talk to Android. Ask us how)
  • Non- real time video and audio recording for all versions of Android supported
  • Can record video in normal mode as well as in stealth mode
  • Use other applications or lock the screen completely and continue recording in stealth mode
  • Start the camera preview when recording audio and the app will take a snap shot to be used as a reference thumbnail. Once the snap shot is taken, the camera preview will be turned off as a confirmation
  • AVR has built-in disaster recovery for situations where Wi-Fi disconnects in the middle of a recording. This should recover the video in most but not all cases
  • The video stored using real time option is restored using reverse engineering techniques and may have problems as different phones may use different Atoms (Units of information stored in mp3/mp4 files). Please contact us and we may be able to update the Atom definition file for your Phone's camera if it's different
  • The non-real time version uses conventional recording techniques and should work with any Android phone >=2.3.6. However, at the end of the recording, the file has to be transferred and may take some extra time
  • The pictures are always stored in real time. This feature works with all versions of Android to date