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Your source for customized routers for travel, home and small offices. Designed to work with your smartphone with and without apps. Provides firewall, security, storage and sharing.
The Ultimate Travel Router
VPN Multiplexer Router
VPN Server Multiplexer Router
Travel router
  • Portable and designed to meet your technology needs while traveling
  • Protects your security and privacy when online
  • Protects your smartphone from being hacked when using a public Wi-Fi network
  • Unique design protects you from security threats from the Internet and the VPN server
  • Lets you access social media and other blocked content when abroad
  • Universal VPN router (works with any VPN provider)
  • Dynamic and Robust Wi-Fi storage
  • Easy file sharing over Wi-Fi and the Internet
  • Multi-function, multi-mode network and 3G/4G router
  • Bi-directional Video Streaming-watch and record video from and on the router
  • 10 times more features than Kidzel and others
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Home Router Watch our latest VPN speed test from China to USA video. Whopping 50 Mbps! Our high-end router with our VPN service in action

Watch VPN speed test video. China Telecom and China Unicom to USA over VPN and VPN Multiplexer router

  • Protects your security and privacy when online
  • Unique design protects you from security threats from the Internet and the VPN server
  • Unique split-routing design lets you access your local Netflix service while connected to your VPN
  • 8 VPN protocols ensure universal connectivity with any VPN provider in any country
  • VPN-only mode ensures absolute anonymity. Your real IP address is never revealed even when your VPN gets disconnected while browsing
  • DNS leakage prevention at router level
  • No per device VPN setup required
  • Easy to use. Simply turn the router on and use a VPN over Wi-Fi
Special features for expats and travelers:
  • Lets you access social media and other blocked content
  • Unique smart mode lets you use a VPN to bypass GeoIP restrictions and automatically access domestic Internet using a domestic IP address giving you full Internet speed and no GeoIP blocking of domestic websites
  • Automatic Anti-DNS poisoning done at router level. No per device setup required
  • Provides a simple-to-use transparent solution for countries like Vietnam, China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Myanmar, Cuba etc. Just turn the router on, give it the Internet and your VPN works
  • Guaranteed to give you the best speed possible, especially in China
  • Stream Roku, YouTube and other streaming channels with the router and our VPN service combo. We have many customers in China who were never able to get enough speed from other vendors are now happily streaming videos

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VPN Server Router and multiplexer
  • Why pay for VPN service when you can run your own VPN server at home?
  • So easy to configure, even granny could run her own VPN server!
  • Access your home network from anywhere in the world
  • Guaranteed to bypass VPN proxy detection by sites like Hulu, Netflix, BofA and other banks, etc
  • Access your home and office security cameras using secure VPN instead of unsecure port forwarding and protect your cameras from being hacked over the Internet
  • Completely private and safe access for unblocking financial and trading websites when you are abroad
  • Works with iPhone, Android and Windows Phones' VPN setup right out of the box. No app required
  • Supports all major VPN server protocols such as IKEv2, Cisco IPSecure, OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSecure, PPTP, L2TP, and SSL with unified password setup
  • Includes all features of the VPN Multiplexer Router
Special features for expats and travelers:
  • Use VPN Server Multiplexer at home and convert your home Internet into your own private VPN server
  • Visitors from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, US, the UK, Canada, Australia and other countries can connect to VPN Server Multiplexer from mainland China without needing any commercial VPN.Access Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other blocked sites using your home's Internet connection without paying any fee to any commercial VPN company
  • US expats and travelers can convert XFinity, Comcast, Time Warner cable, AT&T and other residential services into their own personal and private VPN servers. No need to purchase VPN from Asspress, Gastrill, Impure, Strange, Wiper and other VPN companies including us. We will show you how to save money by getting rid of your ISP's rental equipment
  • For those using commercial VPN service, VPN Server Multiplexer can add value by letting you share a single VPN account (from Asspress, Gastrill, Impure, Strange, Wiper and others) over 3G/4G and public Wi-Fi. No need to pay extra money for a family plan. Add 5, 10, 20, 30 or as many sub VPN accounts as you like!

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PC-free USB Flash Drive Control with Smart Phones
PC-free and Cable-free Android Backup
Record to USB Flash from Smart phone
  • No more lugging around heavy laptops to manage USB flash drives when traveling. Manage with just your phone and the Ultimate Travel Router
  • Copy files from one USB flash to another using just your cell phone, the Ultimate Travel Router and our mini USB hub
  • Upload, download, and stream files using just your phone’s browser without needing any app(other methods with app also supported)
  • Copy, move, delete, rename and search files just using your phone’s browser
  • Upload, download and stream media files in both directions!
  • Can copy from SD card and micro SD card using our USB card reader
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SMB Backup Backup
  • Get peace of mind by safely and easily backing up your pictures and videos on your Android (or any other phone or device that supports Samba File Sharing) using one of our routers with our free SMB Server app
  • One-time setup so that the router learns the credentials
  • Backing up made so easy all you need to do is turn the router on or just walk into your home router's Wi-Fi range
  • No more excuses to not backup those special moments and free up valuable space on your cell phone
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  • Take pictures, record video/audio directly to USB flash drive over Wi-Fi completely bypassing SD card using one of our routers and the AVR app
  • Record simultaneously to both USB flash drive over Wi-Fi and your SD card
  • Record in stealth mode so you can enjoy browsing the web or doing other things on your phone while recording in the background. Record with your screen locked!
  • Works with any cell phone that supports HTML5 video, audio and picture capture

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